Save Ben Franklin’s Post Office from Ayn Rand!

Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate, lawyer and author
The Plight of the Postal Service
Posted: 05/03/2013 11:36 am

The United States Postal Service is in a freefall due to poor management, a starkly shortsighted, paralyzed Congressional leadership, and the steady march of right wing ideologues. Corporate competitors who advance corporatization have severely eroded the historic institution created by Benjamin Franklin; one that currently delivers over 150 billion pieces of mail a year and walks and drives all neighborhoods.

According to Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe, who spoke at the National Press Club inWashington D.C. two weeks ago, a massive, billion dollar bailout might be in the Postal Service’s future, unless drastic measures are taken. In his words: “Congress faces a simple choice: It can decide to start appropriating a lot of money to prop up a broken Postal Service or it can give the organization the flexibility to operate more effectively.”

Many practical, ignored reforms are necessary for our nation’s troubled postal system, but what is the “flexibility of operation” that Mr. Donohoe is referring to?

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