Obama’s rightist critics are too partisan to see that he’s at least as dangerous as Richard Nixon

2013-05-28 09:00:00

As the Obama administration is facing multiple growing scandals, both real and imagined, enemies of the administration are investigating various alleged misdeeds. Unfortunately, most of the efforts being leveled against the current regime in Washington are driven by petty partisan agendas and miss the bigger picture of institutionalized abuse at the hands of the federal government. Arguably, many of the same people now investigating the unlawful seizure of the Associated Press’ phone records previously supported, and continue to support, numerous efforts to further enhance the federal government’s investigative power through abusive laws like the Patriot Act. A similar observation can be made of those looking into the IRS’ targeting of perceived political enemies. Obama is hardly the first, and unlikely to be the last, president who has used the near limitless power of the IRS to further a political agenda. Unfortunately, most of those who feign outrage at this latest IRS abuse appear to be more interested in scoring political points than in curbing abusive government action against citizens. Many of this administration’s harshest critics were oddly silent when the preceding administration engaged in similarly violative acts.

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