Senate Passes Bills to Allow Lever Machine Voting
Added by New York State Senate on May 6, 2013.
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The New York State Senate today passed two bills that would allow for the use of lever-style voting machines in non-federal elections in New York City, and in elections held by villages, school districts and special districts.

Legislation (S4088B), sponsored by Senator Martin Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), would allow New York City to use lever voting machines for all non-federal elections, including the upcoming primary, run-off and general elections this fall. In addition, the bill would to move the date for a potential run-off election in New York City from September 24th to October 1st to avoid a conflict with the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

“The lever voting machines had been successfully used in New York for over 100 years. They have proven to be reliable and easy for voters to use,” Senator Golden said. “In addition, using lever voting machines will expedite the canvass of votes cast in the primary election and reduce the number of paper ballots that would need to be hand-counted.”

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One Comment to “NY Senate passes 2 bills to allow lever-machine voting”


    New York Voting Anomalies

    Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

    New Yorkers were quite attached to the Lever voting machines and opposed the installation of optical scanners. And it’s understandable when one considers the mess that HAVA created. But Lever advocates assumed that since the Levers are not programmable, they were impervious to fraud. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    This analysis shows that Kerry did much better in NY than the recorded vote indicates. The question is not if votes were stolen from Kerry; the question is how it happened. Those who claim to “love my Levers” are mistaken to believe that they are foolproof. They cannot verify and prove that their votes were counted accurately. In fact, historical evidence indicates that Lever machine vote counts are highly vulnerable to rigging – and not just in NY. It’s not a HAVA or Lever vs. Optical-scan issue. The issue is whether NY will have a verifiable vote count.

    Victoria Collier wrote about a fraudulent 1970 Florida election in which levers were used in “Votescam”:
    “Many people still in power have yet to be held accountable for their role in aiding and abetting vote fraud. I’ll give you two important examples. Famous Miami lawyer Ellis Rubin brought the original Votescam evidence to the Florida assistant State Attorney at the time, Janet Reno. The evidence included the shaved wheels of lever voting machines, forged canvass sheets, and pre-printed vote tally sheets. Reno refused to prosecute, claiming falsely that the statue of limitations had run out on the crime. Years later, Rubin would tell my father that behind closed doors Reno had stated that she could not prosecute. Why? Because she would bring down many of the most powerful people in the state”.

    In 2000, Gore won nationally by 540,000 recorded votes. But according to the US Census, there were 5.4 million net uncounted votes, of which Gore won approximately 4 million (75%). Therefore Gore’s True margin was close to 3 million. In NY, Gore won by 1.7 million votes (60.2-35.2%) with 4.6% going to third parties. Those who were planning for Bush’s re-selection in 2004 could not allow a repeat of 2000. Bush needed to win the national recorded vote.

    Bush not only needed 270 electoral votes to win, he also needed a convincing popular vote margin. Rove knew that Bush could not win a fair election – so HAVA was passed in 2002. Touch screens and central tabulators could switch the votes in the battleground states.

    So New York kept its levers. For Bush to win the national popular vote, it made eminent sense to cut Kerry’s high margins in highly democratic NY and CA – especially in large urban and suburban locations. Florida and Ohio were the key EV battleground states, but New York was targeted to pad the popular vote.

    Everyone knew that Kerry was going to win NY easily. By padding the popular recorded vote, it would appear to make Bush’s “mandate” appear legitimate. In 2004, all indications were that Kerry would do better than Gore in NY and nationally. A massive Democratic registration and GOTV effort would bring at least 500,000 new NY voters. Bush was very unpopular in NY; his approval was much lower than his national 48% rating. So Bush had to find a way to keep Kerry’s margin down in order to get his popular vote “mandate”.

    Kerry won the NY recorded vote by 58.5-40.2%, far below his unadjusted exit poll margin (64-35%). The unadjusted vote shares were closely matched even after they were adjusted in the Best Geo and Composite timelines. Kerry’s NY recorded margin was 1.35 million. Kerry’s True margin was reduced by 750,000 votes (a full 25% of Bush’s 3.0 million national “mandate”). How could Kerry have won by just 18% when Gore won by 25%? Where did Bush get his NY votes from? It’s an Urban Legend.

    Even highly regarded experts get it wrong once in a while. Richard Hayes Phillips did a comprehensive analysis which proved that Ohio 2004 was stolen. Phillips wrote that the 2004 NY exit poll matched the recorded vote and that it proved the lever machines were accurate (i.e., there was little or no fraud). But Phillips incorrectly cited the ADJUSTED NY Exit Poll. All state and national exit polls are ALWAYS forced to match the recorded vote

    Check the NY presidential unadjusted exit polls vs.the recorded vote: Note the 1988 and 2004 discrepancies (Bush 1&2 running for re-election)
    Year EP Rec Diff
    2008 71.5 62.8 8.7 (?)
    2004 62.1 58.4 3.7 (Bush padded?)
    2000 59.2 60.2 1.0
    1996 60.7 59.5 1.2
    1992 51.3 49.7 1.6
    1988 56.6 51.6 5.0 (Bush padded?)

    The exit poll timeline shows that the discrepancies declined nationally as they were “adjusted” to match the recorded vote.

    To summarize:
    Kerry won the NY recorded vote by: 58.5-40.2% (4.31- 2.96m).
    There were 7.39m recorded votes.

    1) Exit polls showed Kerry to be a 62-36% winner.
    2) In 2000, Al Gore won the recorded vote by 60-35% (4% to Nader).
    3) Returning Nader voters went for Kerry by 3-1.
    4) In 2000, there were 552,000 late (absentee, provisional, etc.) ballots. Gore won 65.4%.
    5) In 2004, there were 499,000 late votes. Kerry won 65.8%.
    6) The National Exit Poll indicated that 10% of Bush 2000 voters defected to Kerry, while only 8% of Gore voters defected to Bush.
    7) Kerry won the majority (57-62%) of new voters.

    NY Late Votes: 2000-2008

    There were 1.56 million late votes compared to 20.1 million recorded on Election Day, a 7.8% increase. The average Democratic late vote share was 70.2%; it was 60.0% on Election Day.

    2000: Gore won 74% of the 483,000 late votes but only 60% of the initial 6.3 million.
    2004: Kerry won 66% of the 499,000 late votes but only 58% of the initial 6.8 million.
    2008: Obama won 70.7% of the 584,000 late votes but only 62.2% of the initial 7.0 million.

    New York Late Votes
    (in millions)
    Late Dem Share Initial Dem Share
    2000 0.483 0.36 74% 6.3 3.78 60%
    2004 0.499 0.33 66% 6.8 3.94 58%
    2008 0.584 0.41 70.7% 7.0 4.34 62.2
    Total 1.566 1.10 70.2% 20.1 12.1 60.0%

    Let’s review the evidence that the NY vote (Kerry 58.5-40.2%) was padded for Bush:

    1- Unadjusted exit poll: Kerry led by a steady 64-35%

    2- Late votes: Kerry’s share of absentee, provisional paper ballots was 7% higher than his Election Day share (same as Gore and Obama).

    3- Exit poll discrepancy: Levers had a 10.6% WPE, far exceeding other voting machines and Paper ballots (2%)

    4- Returning voters: Gore had a 60-35% NY margin; third-party (Nader/other) voters broke 3-1 for Kerry (see table below).

    5- Urban Legend: Bush’s vote share increased sharply from 2000 in the NYC area with no gain in GOP rural, small towns

    6- Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS): Many NYC precincts had broken machines; all “stuck” levers were stuck on Bush. Lever voting machines have given New Yorkers a false sense of security. The 2004 Election Incident Reporting System confirms that Kerry’s winning NY margin was cut drastically by election fraud. There were 19 reported NY 2004 “stuck” lever incidents. All 19 were “stuck” on Bush.

    7- NY 2008 Primary: Zero Votes for Obama in 80 districts. The problem was resolved. But did Kerry also have zero votes go unnoticed in 2004?

    8- NY 2008 Presidential Election: Obama had 71.5% in the unadjusted exit poll, but only 62.8% recorded.

    Why would Bush steal votes in NY? Kerry won the recorded vote by a whopping 18%. The simple answer: to pad his popular vote “mandate”. This analysis shows that Kerry did much better in NY than the recorded vote indicates. Naysayers cherry-picked the final NY pre-election poll in an attempt to promote the myth that the exit poll was off. They claimed that the final pre-election poll matched a fraud-free recorded vote. But they can’t provide evidence that the votes were counted accurately.

    Historical evidence indicates that Lever machines are vulnerable to rigging. Late votes include absentee and provisional ballots. Dan Rather’s expose illustrated how mechanical voting machines were rigged in Florida where poor-quality paper used in punch card machines was a major cause of election fraud in heavily Democratic precincts.

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