“Big Brother Is You, Watching”—now more than ever

Big Brother Is You, Watching
Paul Waldman
May 17, 2013

Google Glass is coming, and it’s raising some new privacy concerns.

I stole the title of this post from an essay Mark Crispin Miller wrote 25 years ago about the effects of television, in which he argued that instead of a totalitarian government forcing us to submit through fear and oppression, we’d happily voluteer to be anesthetized by our TVs. Today though, the more proximate danger involves the rise of a kind of universal surveillance where we’re being watched through much of our days, by governmental authorities, corporations looking to part us from our money, and each other. It’s bad now, and it’s only going to get worse.

Which brings us to Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses rig that is getting closer to becoming a consumer product. People are starting to become concerned about the privacy implications of Google Glass, namely that you could be talking to someone who, unbeknownst to you, is recording everything you say. Or maybe you aren’t even talking to them; maybe they’re just walking behind you in the street, or sitting next to you in a restaurant. Maybe they’ll have their Glass use facial recognition software to identify you, and then post to Twitter that you’re in this restaurant, and you’re looking a little tipsy. Members of the Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus (yes, I didn’t know there was such a thing either) in the House just sent a letter to Larry Page, Google’s CEO, expressing their concerns.

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We do live in a surveillance society and if you are a Peace Activist, Enviromental activist, outspoken educator or writer you can too become the target of community based harassment and organized bullying/organized stalking.

Unfortunately many are brainwashed to believe that we are somehow anti-American and should be punished for standing up for our beliefs.

I have had many current and former Military go after me with cyberbaiting and cyberstalking as well as offline stalking everywhere I go. It is a severe abuse against our constitutional rights and I cannot even get a decent pair of glasses made, because the bullies wil call up the Optician and tell them I am a pedophile, thief, rascist, etc.

Many are in these TIPS or VIPS programs, which are like the Neighborhood Watch on steroids.

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