Sweden, California taking steps toward Internet voting (and away from democracy) (2)

Swedes could cast ballots online by 2018
Published: 15 Apr 13 14:54 CET | Print version

Neighbouring Norway and Finland have already done digital voting test runs. Now some Swedish municipalities could follow the trend after a majority of members in the parliamentary election law committee voted in favour of a new proposal.

“If it works well, it would be a natural step to introduce it in the 2022 elections,” Billy Gustafsson, Social Democrat committee member, told the Riksdag & Departement (R&D) newspaper.

Voting online could help Swedes abroad vote and may encourage some voters with disabilities to cast their ballot when it is possible to do so in front of the computer, in lieu of grappling with the polling station. R&D reported that lawmakers hoped it could increase voter numbers overall and that it may entice younger Swedes to have their say when voting was moved online.

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by Richard Tamm, April 26, 2013

On April 23rd, the AP Twitter account got hacked very publicly, and a false tweet went out saying there had been two explosions in the White House and that President Obama had been injured, causing widespread and immediate consternation. The stock market dropped sharply, temporarily wiping out about $150 billion in stock value. Once again we had glaring proof of the dangers and insecurity of the internet.

This very same afternoon, four of our California Assembly Elections Committee Democrats: Rob Bonta, Raul Bocanegra, Isadore Hall III, and Henry T. Perea, worked with another Assembly Democrat from San Francisco, Phil Ting, attempting to bravely deny these facts and reality. They scrambled to throw together enough last-minute amendments to AB 19 to attempt to get us to believe that they could make a fool-proof Internet Voting system for California.

April 23rd was also the birthday of William Shakespeare. In some of his greatest tragedies, the weather cooperated to add emphasis to a tragic turn. This AP Twitter hack was just such a lightning strike in the background storm to add emphasis to the tragedy of these four bumbling Democratic Assembly Members running to the aid of Assemblyman Phil Ting to bring an Internet Voting bomb into the still somewhat safe house of California.

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