Feds offered to keep Scrushy out of prison if he’d lie for them against Don Siegelman

Feds Promi sed To Release Scrushy From Prosecution If He Provided False Testimony Against Siegelman

Federal prosecutors offered to let Richard Scrushy out of the Don Siegelman case if he agreed to testify in a way that would “give” them the former Alabama governor.

Scrushy, the former CEO of Birmingham-based HealthSouth Corporation, said prosecutors gave him several examples of testimony that would help ensure a bribery conviction against Siegelman. None of the proposed statements was truthful, Scrushy said, so he refused the offer. He wound up being convicted and was released from federal prison last July after serving a six-year sentence. Siegelman was released from custody for several years to pursue appeals, but returned to prison last September after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The latest revelations in the Siegelman saga came during Scrushy’s interview last Thursday with San Francisco-based radio host Peter B. Collins. A one-hour podcast of the interview, Scrushy’s first on the Siegelman case, can be heard in its entirety at peterbcollins.com. The former CEO, now a resident of Houston, Texas, makes it clear that prosecutors were willing to trample criminal procedure and simple rules of fair play in an effort to gain a conviction against Siegelman. Their tactics included a blatant effort to coerce false testimony from Scrushy, who was Siegelman’s codefendant.

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