Cell phone towers increase cancer risk (Times of India)

‘Mobile radiation ups cancer risk’
TNN Jan 7, 2012, 03.29AM IST

Panaji: “The 4.5 lakh mobile towers in India are turning the country into an open microwave,” warns Girish Kumar, researcher and faculty at IIT Bombay.

Elaborating, Kumar who has conducted studies on mobile radiation said, “With 1w power (same output as cell phones) temperatures increase by 1’C in 500 seconds (9 minutes).”

Kumar was speaking at the national seminar on ‘mobile phone and tower radiations-risks and remedies’ at Ghall, Panaji, by Government Polytechnic Bicholim, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( GCCI) and the department of science, technology and environment ( DTSE).

He noted that mobile companies were choosing to install higher intensity towers to cut costs but were compromising on public safety. Citing a case study where six residents of a high-rise Mumbai building facing a mobile tower were affected by cancer, he went on to explain the link of rise in cancer cases among residents living near cell towers.

“Those living in a 50-300m radius face a high risk-much worse than smoking as you cannot see or smell radiation,” he said, while adding that “you cannot have coincidences everywhere”.

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