Americans are saying NO to standardized testing!

Resistance to High Stakes Testing Grows and Grows
April 27, 2013

If there is anything positive that can be said to have come out of the relentless billionaire backed corporate hijacking of public education, it is the building of communities of resistance. In the end, after the initial shock wears off and the public relations campaigns are exposed as just that, almost nothing can stronger create communities of resistance than attacks on one’s children in the guise of “reforming” their education. This is that much the more when “reforming” their education is little more than boiling it down to a number on a standardized test: the same number, mind you, that can be used to fire your child’s teacher and close your child’s school.

Such a community of resistance, hundreds strong, was in overwhelming evidence at a rally last night on the steps of the Tweed Court House, home of the NYC Department of Education. The crowd was united behind one overall goal: the end of high stakes testing and all that goes with it. As high stakes testing comprises nothing less than the central nervous system of corporate education reform, an end of the high stakes dictate would effectively paralyze their entire campaign. Corporations would lose out on a multi-billion dollar taxpayer guaranteed revenue stream which explains the insidious nature of the entire corporate education reform campaign.

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