USC pro-fracking “study” bought and paid for by Big Oil

From Steve Horn:

I have another investigative effort up on DeSmogBlog today, this time taking a swing at the “frackademia” study out of USC, being touted by the state’s biggest paper – The Los Angeles Times – as a legitimate study. Well, follow the money and people who wrote it and it tells a whole different story and some of it is quite shocking.

These industry-sponsored studies are part of the PR game plan, since as it said itself at an industry conference in Houston in Nov. 2011, the public trusts a university more than the industry itself and is a great front group.

Any help pushing this out would be helpful. Cross-posts welcome, but please link back to DeSmogBlog.


“Frackademia” Strikes Again at USC with “Powering California” Study Release

“Frackademia” – shorthand for bogus science, economics and other research results paid for by the oil and gas industry and often conducted by “frackademics” with direct ties to the oil and gas industry – has struck again in California.

It comes in the form of a major University of Southern California (USC) report on the potential economic impacts of a hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) boom in California’sMonterey Shale basin that’s hot off the presses, “Powering California: The Monterey Shale and California’s Economic Future.”

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown recently gave his cautious support to fracking, the toxic process via which oil and gas embedded deep within shale rock basins made famous by the documentary film “Gasland,” currently a topic of contention in California. The new report gleefully says we could be witnessing 1849 all over again, the second-coming of a “Gold Rush,” a term the co-authors utilize 9 times in the Preface.

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