KochBusting at All Souls Church!

Subject: Reminder: KochBusting at All Souls, Thurs., March 14

Big Apple Coffee Party Don’t Do Koch Campaign and All Souls Peace & Justice Task Force present this extraordinary panel of experts who have been exposing the evils of the Koch brothers and will share their findings with us. This exciting event is co-sponsored by The Nation. Don’t miss it!


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Looks like a very informative evening, except can someone please talk to the folks at the Nation, specifically John Nichols, and ask why he keeps avoiding the entire subject of stolen elections and very specifically how elections in WI and MN are being rigged in favor of the extremist GOP?

I’m so sick and tired of hearing John Nichols giving his insights into what is going on with elections in WI and NEVER EVER ONCE brings up the FACT that these elections are not being counted properly and cannot be with the current system in place and he just talks as if it’s not happening. Nichols keeps suggesting all the Dems have to do is to turn out the vote, get enough folks riled up to protest, ya-de-da, and never a word about how the elections are essentially being rigged and stolen and there is no way to know exactly how much the elections are being stolen if he won’t even acknowledge or mention it on any of his appearances on MSNBC.

It’s just insanely horrible. Nichols is a coward at best if he’s afraid of repercussions to his career.

Please have him look into Richard Charnin’s website

In the 2010 Midterms, the statistical evidence indicates that many elections for House, Senate and Governor were stolen. The Wisconsin True Vote Model contains worksheets for Senate, Governor, Supreme Court and Recall elections. A serious analyst can run them and see why it is likely that they were stolen.

Thank you

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