Spectra pipeline could blow the West Village to Kingdom Come

As Gas Pipe Explosions Go, Yesterday’s Giant Kansas City Blast is Small-Time
By Nick Pinto Wed., Feb. 20 2013 at 2:59 PM

In Kansas City yesterday evening, natural gas from a damaged pipe caught fire, producing an incredibly devastating explosion in the middle of a densely developed urban plaza.

The blast leveled a restaurant, producing a roaring jet of flame several stories high that took 100 firefighters about two hours to finally extinguish. The Kansas City Star’s account gives some sense of the scale of the explosion:

“The force knocked out windows at least a half-block away and was felt nearly a mile away. Flames soared two-thirds higher than the building into the evening sky. Bricks and broken glass were strewn around, and nearby residents and office workers gathered outside and watched as the injured were carried away. The odor of gas remained in the air, causing apprehension about a possible additional explosion.”

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