Don Siegelman’s in prison. Why? And Obama lets him stay there. WHY? (2)

Roger Shuler Muses on Justice Department’s Odd Priorities
By Joan Brunwasser
2/9/2013 at 22:20:12

I wish it was a joke, but it’s not. Eric Holder and company actually have indicted nine traffic-court judges in Philadelphia for a widespread scheme to fix tickets. This is such a low level of court that you don’t even have to be a lawyer to sit on that bench. And yet, the Obama DOJ is going after them. And two of the judges are charged with fixing one ticket each.

Most people who care about justice probably don’t have a problem with corrupt officials being outed, whether it’s in a high-level position or not. But when you think about the justice-related problems the Obama administration has ignored–the Don Siegelman case in Alabama, the Paul Minor case in Mississippi, to name just two–you have to wonder, “Who is minding the store?”

Going after the traffic-ticket outlaws in Philadelphia would make sense maybe, if the DOJ had taken serious action on these other more important matters. But when they ignore the big stuff and go after minutiae . . . well, as you suggest, it seems like a joke.

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Former Gov. Don Siegelman’s Son Speaks Out
By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery — Former Governor Don Siegelman’s family isn’t giving up the fight for his release from federal prison. For the first time since his father reported back to prison in September, his son Joseph Siegelman is speaking exclusively to Alabama News Network.

“I’m 24-years-old. From when the investigation started, this has been going on my entire life,” says Joseph Siegelman. “When he was released on appeal in 2008, we never thought he would go back.”

But in September, his dad, former Governor Don Siegelman, was taken back to a federal prison in Louisiana after being re-sentenced to more than six years for bribery and conspiracy.

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