TSA getting rid of naked body scanners at all US airports

TSA to Remove Naked Body Scanners from ALL U.S. Airports

Mass activism combined with a number of successful public awareness campaigns regarding the TSA and its naked body scanners have finally paid off, forcing the agency to remove all of its naked body scanners after its software partner OSI Systems Inc. couldn’t find a less invasive form of naked body scanner software that didn’t save such a detailed image of the naked body. A change that Congress required under a near deadline, reports Bloomberg.

In other words, the famous body scanners that are known to actually save images of your naked body (many of which leaked on to the net) are actually so majorly intrusive that even the software company itself is saying that despite modifications the scanner system will still capture a naked body in detail. Amazingly, they could not even re-code their software sufficiently enough to even reduce the obscene nature of the scanners. The conclusion ended the $5 million contract between OSI and the TSA.

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All 174 Rapiscan machines, which remain after an initial reduction of 76 scanners last year, will now be removed. The TSA will also be absorbing the costs. The agency will also still be using other ‘less invasive’ scanners throughout some airports that should be crusaded against as well. It is unfortunate that the TSA will attempt to pull a fast one here, but with any luck the momentum from the naked body scanners will carry over.

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One thought on “TSA getting rid of naked body scanners at all US airports”

  1. They aren’t getting rid of the scanners altogether.. they’re getting rid of one company’s scanners (the one Chertoff lobbied for), apparently because they lied to Congress. Another company is going to produce scanners, according to the Bloomberg article linked to, with supposedly more privacy and fewer false alarms but no mention of cancer risks. Altogether it means much more money spent on this boondoggle.

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