Tar Sands blockaders seize TransCanada offices in Texas, Massachusetts, Maine

Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices in Texas, Elsewhere
Actions in Texas, Massachusetts and Maine target pipeline company and its financial backers
Jon Queally, staff writer

Update (3:15 PM):

Members and supporters of the group Tar Sands Blockade staged public actions in Texas, Massachusetts, Maine and elsewhere on Monday in a series of independent protests at offices of the Transcanada Corporation—which is building the Keystone XL pipeline—and financial institutions supportive of tar sands infrastructure projects, such as TD Bank.

The largest action took place in Houston, Texas (see below), but others sprang up as the day progressed.

Campaigners in Westborough, Massachusetts—reportedly students—occupied the inside the entryway at the company’s offices and refused to leave.

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