Oscar mess confirms the risks of e-voting

And 100 votes for Jefferson Davis: Oscar exposes the dangers of e-voting
JANUARY 3, 2013

If Lincoln ends up winning this year’s Best Picture Oscar, how early in the night will Karl Rove admit it?

Maybe not all that quickly, now that electronic voting seems to be turning the Academy’s process into the same nightmare of illegitimacy that is our American elections system.

Honest Abe ponders the consequences of winning ugly.

The deadline for submitting Oscar nominations has been extended to Jan. 4, in large part due to the widespread problems AMPAS members have reported in trying to cast their ballots online. The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg, who has been tracking the controversy, quotes sources as calling the Academy’s first-ever experiment in online voting a “disaster.” Passwords are being rejected, voters are being locked out of the system, and deadlines are in danger of being missed. Disgruntled members are worried about the integrity of the system, while others are concerned that the entire off-putting experience will lead to record-low participation. Meanwhile, the e-voting company that developed the software — the ironically namedEveryone Counts — has no comment.

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