Susan Rice likes African tyrants (but the problem is Obama/Clinton’s State Department)

Just because Republicans oppose Rice is no reason to support her.

But it is not enough to dump on her alone. As in Latin America (where, e.g.,
the US quietly backed the coup in Honduras) and the Middle East (where,
e.g., the US quietly assured Mubarak he should stay in office), so in Africa
it’s pretty hard to tell the different between Obama/Biden and Bush/Cheney.

Which is to say that we still have the same Cold War/Drug War/”war on terrorism”
strongman-friendly foreign policy we’ve had since Truman/Nixon/Reagan.


Susan Rice and Africa’s Despots –
Published: December 9, 2012

ON Sept. 2, Ambassador Susan E. Rice delivered a eulogy for a man she called “a true friend to me.” Before thousands of mourners and more than 20 African heads of state in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ms. Rice, the United States’ representative to the United Nations, lauded the country’s late prime minister, Meles Zenawi. She called him “brilliant” — “a son of Ethiopia and a father to its rebirth.”

Few eulogies give a nuanced account of the decedent’s life, but the speech was part of a disturbing pattern for an official who could become President Obama’s next secretary of state. During her career, she has shown a surprising and unsettling sympathy for Africa’s despots.

This record dates from Ms. Rice’s service as assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President Bill Clinton, who in 1998 celebrated a “new generation” of African leaders, many of whom were ex-rebel commanders; among these leaders were Mr. Meles, Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Jerry J. Rawlings of Ghana, Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Yoweri K. Museveni of Uganda.

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