Sad to say, CBS has won the fight to save progressive radio in Seattle

From Julia Chase:

Hey, Save 1090 Team,

I got sad and bad news today! (see below).

We can still work to find another dial position to carry Progressive Talk! AND we can still protest to CBS, in case a 4th Sports channel in Seattle doesn’t take hold. AND we can learn how we can still access progressive talk radio! Some options:

SiriusXM has a package (subscription) for connection to a satellite service that can be used in conjunction with an Internet Radio that can provide portable service to Internet Radio Stations. Here is the link –

Also Podcasting, downloading on line from other stations, Pacifica Radio, Current TV, and other options. If any one of you can write up a “how to” sheet with all the options, please send it to me at and I will send it on to everyone on this petition of 400 people, plus the petition! We Progressives are not going away, in fact this may make us stronger because we will not be at the mercy of commercial (right-wing) radio station owners!

Thank you everyone for your support! Hang in there!




The new call letters, granted by the FCC have already changed to KFNQ.

It is part of a multi-city CBS National Sports Network, set to launch January 2, 2013.

The new air staff is in place.

There is no turning back.

Your interest would be better served to find another dial position to carry Progressive Talk.

That is the only way the format will be saved in Seattle.



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