Let’s start by requiring GUN INSURANCE, like we do with cars

Get the tar and feathers ready, I’m going to talk about guns.
by Josh Whalen

I’m a little reluctant to go off on this topic. Like everyone else in America, I’m all too aware of what just happened in Connecticut. Unlike most of us, I’ll admit right here that any expressions of remorse, or outrage, are entirely reflexive. Quite simply, I can’t conceive it, and quite simply, I’ve become inured to the violence. It simply happens too often. I’ve lived through 9/11 (I lost my home of 23 years as an indirect consequence of it), I’ve lived through Sandy, and I’ve watched Columbine, The Joker, and now this unfold on the TV screen, and I just can’t feel anything anymore when these things happen. My outrage has burned out.

Fortunately, my common sense hasn’t. This has to stop. It has to stop now. If this isn’t the time and place to discuss gun control, then there will never be a time and a place. How many of these have we seen in the past 4 years? How many in the last 10? We’ve spent zillions on the war on drugs the past 40 years, locked up zillions of people. How many people do drugs actually kill? Not even a large fraction of the number killed each year in gun violence. Yet, no one even whispers about a war on guns, and with good reason: the war on drugs is a dismal, costly, failure. The war on guns would be one, too. I’d like, first, to delve into why it would fail before I propose what I believe is the only rational solution under current law and with the current congress. Forget about banning assault weapons. As long as the Republicans hold a majority in the house, and we have the Supreme Court that we have, it just ain’t gonna happen. Not only that, but for a lot of Americans, it’s actually a real bad idea, no matter how good an idea it might be for everyone else. That’s the first thing I’m going to talk about. Please, save the rotten eggs, cat-calls, and brickbats until I’m done. Some of my good friends are going to get mad at me at some point in this, others at other points. Bear with me.

I’m born and raised in NYC. As far as I know, NY has had strict gun control laws since before I was born. It’s a good idea; fire off a 9 millimeter in Manhattan, and you’ll not only kill the guy you’re aiming at, but the person behind him, and the person in the room behind the wall behind the person who was behind the person you were aiming at. It’s just to crowded here for those kind of weapons. Honestly, even the cops shouldn’t have them.

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