Fed up with the Sexton Plan (and more), NYU faculty may vote no confidence in Sexton

December 11, 2012
NYU President May Face a No-Confidence Vote

New York University’s president, John E. Sexton, attended a groundbreaking ceremony for NYU’s new center in Shanghai last year. International programs are a key priority for Mr. Sexton, but the president’s critics say he has developed large-scale plans with little faculty input.
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By Jack Stripling

For all of the criticism he has taken in recent months, John E. Sexton can hardly be accused of thinking too small.

The New York University president sees the entire globe as ripe for campus expansion, establishing branch operations in Abu Dhabiand Shanghai in recent years.

But it is Mr. Sexton’s domestic agenda, the centerpiece of which is a six-million-square-foot expansion across New York City, that may finally test the limits of the president’s ambitions.

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