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Thanks to Daniel Bowman Simon (for this piece from late October): We’ve Seen This Before
By Wenonah Hauter
Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch

Recently, the Huffington Post reported that has abandoned its progressive roots and planned on doing it without telling anyone, according to documents leaked from a employee to Jeff Bryant with Campaign for America’s Future. (According to this petition on rival petition site, that employee has now been fired.)

So why is changing?

“[W]e as an organization have transitioned from an American cause-based organizing network with a largely progressive agenda into a global platform open to a wider diversity of participants and perspectives,” wrote founder and CEO Ben Rattray to his staff, in an email also leaked to the Huffington Post.

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From: Daniel Bowman Simon
Date: Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Subject: WSJ Tests the Line Between Activism, Profits
To: Mark Crispin Miller

If you haven’t seen the WSJ piece below, I think you will find interesting:

The Business Tests the Line Between Activism, Profits
By John Bussey
11 June 2012
The Wall Street Journal

Signing onto the email collector that is, the online-petition site, is like being a sea turtle wandering into a drift net.

But is that such a bad thing? is the for-profit, online-petition site famous for forcing Bank of America and Verizon to roll back customer fees, or so it claims. The company sells access to its members to groups keen to raise funds. There are several sites like it, and they are growing rapidly. But few if any are growing as rapidly as, and none has made as big a splash in corporate America.

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