5 possible reasons why Obama won, when Rove and Romney were so sure he’d “lose”

From Election Defense Alliance:


Thanks to two foundations and so many of you — our committed supporters — Election Defense Alliance was able to undertake our forensic project in November.  Not surprisingly, given everything else learned about the election, our results too were inconclusive.

Shrouded still in mystery is whether a planned massive electronic rig was disarmed and, if so, how, why, at what stage, totally or partially.Many events and conditions point to a planned rig to the right, including “inside information” given to EDA.Ironically the most solid piece of evidence of that is the now-infamous late-night “meltdown” of Karl Rove on the FOX network, exhibiting what can only be interpreted as his unwavering expectation of a planned rig in Ohio (at least) that apparently was not carried out.


There are several competing narratives in circulation purporting to account for the thwarting of this putative outcome-reversing, real-time rig of E2012.They are, in no particular order:

  • The intervention of Anonymous or a similar “underground” hacking organization to directly disable, interfere with, or counter-rig at least part of the real-time vote shifting infrastructure.
  • The testimony delivered on Election Day before a judge, seeking an injunction to prevent the usage of all equipment with an “experimental patch” that had been installed last-minute in the software in 38 Ohio counties. The lawsuit/testimony opened up the possibility of exposing the specifics of a vote-shifting rig.
  • The pre-election publication, by former Rove affiliate Jill Simpson and our colleague and IT engineer Jim March, of a “roadmap” detailing the ongoing interconnections among Rove, the equipment vendors and servicers, radical right-wing organizations, the Romney family, and IT operatives known to be participants in election-related enterprises.
  • The unprecedented quiet engagement of the US DOJ/FBI in undisclosed election protection activities.
  • The sum total effect of the years of thankless work by EDA and others in the election integrity movement, culminating in a Harper’s magazine November cover story by Victoria Collier, a number of recently published books including our own CODE RED: Computerized Elections and The New American Century, and a remarkable Election Day piece on  People are finally listening and some are taking action.

While an assessment of the probability of the impact of each of these interventions would be highly speculative based on the currently known facts, it seems reasonable to conclude that infrastructure designed to permit an outcome-determinative, real-time electronic manipulation was in place and that it was, for one reason or another, either not activated or thwarted in its operation.


This in no way equates with a confirmation that the election was honest or the votecount accurate.


Successfully rigged… unsuccessfully rigged… partially rigged…counter-rigged…pristine:  the count was 99% unobservable so, short of any full confessions, there is simply no way to know with any certainty.

In conclusion, the good news is that the word has finally seeped out and the general public is (vaguely) more aware of the ease of electronic rigging schemes.  The bad news is that, sad to say, much work is left to be done.


Together we will prevail.  We send good wishes for a year of peace….and sanity.

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