2 thoughts on “You want to kill an inconvenient story? Call it a “conspiracy theory”! (MCM with Abby Martin)”

  1. Dear Prof. Miller,

    Recently you’ve been discussing the use of the term “conspiracy theory” as a means to delegitimize certain arguments in the the media. Have you developed these ideas into an essay that is available somewhere?

    A technical question: Did you rely on a consumer laptop camera and microphone for the RT Network live interview or do you own broadcast-quality equipment to make interviews easier to hear and see?

    I know we’ll never agree on this, but I consider “conspiracy theory” to be a specific style of discourse, a literary genre and a style of politics with distinct attributes. I don’t call something a conspiracy theory just to marginalize it. I call something a conspiracy theory when it fulfills my definition–the generally accepted definition–of a conspiracy theory.

    John P. Garry III
    Los Angeles

  2. John, I’m writing a book on the subject, so we can pursue the conversation
    when(ever) it comes out.

    I had to do the interview via Skype bc I was in exile in Brooklyn, due to Sandy.
    My previous RT interview took place in their NYC studio, and so looked and
    sounded a lot better.

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