With 120,000+ deaths expected under Calderon—many murdered by the state—US “war on drugs” has made a holocaust in Mexico

Fueled by War on Drugs, Mexican Death Toll Could Exceed 120,000 As Calderon Ends Six-Year Reign
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 09:11By Mark Karlin, Truthout | Report

In the first part of this year, Truthout posted a series of ten articles that dispelled the myths surrounding the failed US/Mexico war on drugs. As a follow-up, this article details newly released statistics that indicate the predicted death toll from the alleged war-turned-bloodbath will likely far exceed past estimates.

In late August, the internationally respected French newspaper Le Monde posted an editorial denouncing the war on drugs in Mexico: “The Spiral of Barbarity.” The most important and ominous figure cited by Le Monde is that perhaps 120,000 (or more) Mexican citizens will have been intentionally killed during the presidency of Felipe Calderón:

Within Le Monde, two years ago, Mexican President Felipe Calderon welcomed the results of the large-scale war committed since the beginning of his term in December 2006, against organized crime and drug traffickers. “We will defeat crime,” he asserted. He addressed the concerns of those who denounced the increased violence in the country: “If you see dust, it is because we clean the house.”

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