What may happen in Ohio (again) and what to do about it

Why Vote Fraud Is Possible and What To Do About It Posted: 11/05/2012 4:02 pm
Cynthia Boaz
Associate Professor of Political Science, Consultant on Nonviolent Action and Strategy

The consensus is that this presidential election may all come down to Ohio and a few other “swing” states, as it did in 2000 and 2004. If there are any voting irregularities to be found this time around, Ohio will be the place to look first. “The feeling from those of us who went through [the vote fraud of] 2004 is that we are about to repeat that election,” says Cliff Arnebeck, attorney, former Republican operative, and self-appointed election watchdog.

The massive, secretly-financed advertising campaign on behalf of Romney’s candidacy and targeted at Ohio and other swing states, on top of the Romney campaign’s own avalanche of advertising, has so saturated Ohio airwaves in recent weeks that it has managed to create the (arguably erroneous) perception that Romney can win the state, despite consistent poll leads for Obama. Unless observers are alert to possible fraud, this would help camouflage tampering with vote counts.

And that is exactly what Arnebeck and other election-fraud watchdogs are concerned about. If Ohio is stolen, something they believe to be well within the experience and capacity of Karl Rove’s organization, it will be done on the margins. Jill Simpson, a former Rove operative, has posted a map outlining Rove’s alleged plan for manipulating the 2012 election on Election Protection Action, Inc. This possibility may not have escaped the US. Department of Justice, which issued a press release on Friday stating that its “Civil Rights Division plans to deploy more than 780 federal observers and department personnel to 51 jurisdictions in 23 states for the Nov. 6, 2012, general election… to defend federal voting rights laws.” Four of the counties listed in the press release are in Ohio, including Hamilton County, one of the locations on which the entire election could very well turn, and which also happens to be a client of Hart InterCivic, an electronic voting machine company partially owned by HIG Capital, which is in turn has been heavily invested in by Solamere, a private equity firm owned by Tagg Romney.

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