West wimps out

Allen West Concedes: ‘I Congratulate Patrick Murphy as New Congressman from Florida’s 18th’

GOP Rep’s incompetent attorneys won’t contest mistabulated race…

In what UPI’s Gabrielle Levy describes as a “passive-aggressive” Facebook post, Republican Rep. Allen West conceded to his Democratic challenger, Patrick Murphy, in FL’s 18th Congressional District this morning.

With West’s concession, however, there are still a few points to keep in mind moving forward. First, while West refers to there not being “enough…fraudulent votes” to change the outcome of the race, it should be noted that, to date, neither he nor his attorneys have presented substantiated evidence of any fraudulent votes, to our knowledge.

But that’s just a start. West’s incompetent attorneys and advisers were so foolishly obsessed with the absurd chimera of incredibly infrequent “voter fraud”, rather than the greater threat of insider election fraud or, even more of note here, very common tabulator errors by horribly designed computer systems, they never bothered to insist on a public hand-count of all of the ballots in his race. Who knows what they might have found? Either way, that would have been the only way to know for certain who actually won and who actually lost the election. But getting it right has never been a trademark of Allen West…


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