Watch Paul Ryan snicker at some desperate men who try to question him on the economy

Watch from .55 to 3:20:

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If the GOP take over this country we will see a government that isn’t any different then a dictatorship in a thirld world country. Only it will happen HERE and the 99% will be powerless, hungry and poor. This could be the finalization of the republicans four decade plan to return this country back to the hands of the corporations.

These men are sadistic. I think the sadism comes before the pernicious ideology. It is really sad how women stick up for these policies. Are they just as sadistic? Are they just grateful to be among the well to do and to hell with everyone else? Are they willfully blind or just as evil as the men in their lives? Or are women as a group bred for ignorance and seduced by the shiny baubles of a consumerist society, soon to be so for only the privileged few, and happy to be complicit with it if only they are kept safe?

Folks,if Paul Ryan gets into the office of the Vice President of the United States of America then all hell will break loose.It’s actually written in the Urantia Book,which even Luke Rudkowski agrees is the last,best hope of man on Earth today!!


First off, that was not the right time to ask Representative Ryan those questions, he was just trying to enjoy the parade with his family, friends, and supporters. They should have schedule a meeting with him if they wanted to bombard him with political questions. Also, the chanters, cheering about they want jobs now are ignorant. They are unemployed through the Obama administration. Romney/Ryan are not even in office so why complain to a candidate who is still competing for the presidential/vice-presidential job about not having jobs. Complete lack of respect.

John Fisher…..wake up. Make an appt? Really? What happened to the promises of 2010? Remember jobs jobs jobs? And if Ryan wants a private life….stay the HELL out of politics. The republicans have just about climbed UP Obama’s ass, and Ryan needs family time? F him. Just F him.

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