Warning! Alabama GOP will try to steal it



We’ve been getting a lot of calls at the Party Headquarters in Montgomery from voters who have obviously been fed a big lie from Republicans trying to supress our vote. I keep hearing the following: If I vote the straight Democratic ticket, it won’t count my vote for President Obama, so I should only vote for the President.


This is a deliberate effort to hurt the rest of the Democratic ticket in Alabama. If you want to vote for President Obama and Vice President Biden along with the rest of the Democrats on your ballot, you only have to mark one place…the oval or arrow next to the Alabama Democratic Party in the straight party voting section of your ballot (the top-left section of your ballot). One mark does it all. One mark will count your vote for the President and your Democratic judges, county commissioners, school board members, and statewide candidates.

To see a sample ballot for your county click here.

If someone tells you otherwise, we want to know about it. If an elected official or someone who works in a county courthouse or polling place tells you otherwise, I want you to get their name and call us immediately at 1-800-995-3386. I will not tolerate dirty tricks and attempts to confuse or intimidate voters. Anyone attempting to suppress our vote will be held accountable by the Democratic Party to the fullest extent of the law.

Remember, one mark does it all. I hope you’ll vote the straight Democratic ticket on Tuesday and help all of our candidates across the finish line. Be sure to also tell every Democrat you know that if they don’t vote on Tuesday, they’re a Republican…plain and simple.

We’re almost there,


Judge Kennedy

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