Wal-Mart workers score a big win on Black Friday (but you won’t know it from the New York Times) (4)

Black Friday was a breakout day for Wal-Mart workers all across the country, 
with strikes and protests in 46 states. 

While it got big play in the British Guardian, on MSNBC and, in some places, 
local TV news, that unprecedented action got scant coverage in the New York
Times, whose editors did all they could to play it down.

On the front page: “Optimistic Consumers Go on Shopping Spree” (an
item captioning a big photo of a grinning multitude cascading into Macy’s,
and a smaller, cuter one of an exhausted shopper napping on the couch in
a furniture display somewhere.)

On the front page of Business Day: “India Unit of Wal-Mart Suspends Employees.”

On p. 5 of Business Day: “Wal-Mart Dismisses Labor Protests at Its Stores.

A photo of protesters has this caption:

A Walmart in Secaucus, N.J. Organizers said 1,000 stores had demonstrations,
but company officials called that an exaggeration.”

Thus the coverage by the New York Times is basically no different from the coverage by
Fox News (below):


via Portside:

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