URGENT! Obama’s TPP is threatening our health, our jobs, our food, and freedom on the Internet! (2)

Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership: Endangering Our Health, Our Jobs, & Our Food
Panel Discussion & Organizing Meeting
Moderated by Taleigh Smith,
Speakers: Ana Maria Quispe-Piscoya, Amanda Lugg, Adam Weissman

Tues, Nov 27th, 2012, 6:30-9:30 PM
Metropolitan Community Church of New York
446 West 36th Street between Dyer and 10th Avenues

6:30-8 PM: Join a panel of experts at to learn more about TPP.
8-9:30 PM Join activists to plan a campaign to stop it!

Suggested Donation: $5-15 (Free if you can’t afford to pay! Everyone is welcome! No pressure!)
Dowloadable Flier:
(copy same original on both sides and cut into four quarter page sized fliers)


By Subway: A, C, or E to West 34th Street. Walk or take the M34 bus to Dyer Avenue. Walk North to 36th Ave and west (in the direction of 10th Avenue. Church is on the South Side of the Street.

By Bus: M34 to Dyer Ave. Walk North to 36th Ave and west towards 10th Ave. Church is on the South Side of the Street.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Our Health at Risk!

TPP is a massive proposed expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 11 countries are part of TPP negotiations and more are expected to join. TPP negotiations are being conducted in secret – the public, the media, non-governmental organizations, and even member of Congress have been denied access to the negotiating texts of the agreement – but 600 corporate advisers have full access and in collusion with the Obama administration have been shaping an agreement that will advance their interests at the expense of the public interest.

Pharmaceutical companies are pushing for expanded intellectual property rights that will drive many generic drugs out of the marketplace- a death sentence for people who cannot afford exorbitantly priced brand-named drugs for life-threatening illnesses like AIDS.

Biotech and agribusiness corporations and the US government, want to include rules that will force countries to drop their bans on dangerous genetically modified foods – and would even attack government labeling programs for GMO foods! TPP will also outsource US jobs, limit information and freedom of information by expanding corporate intellectual property rights, prevent regulation of the financial industry, and give foreign corporations the right to sue our government for unlimited sums international tribunals for enforcing our environmental protection laws.

Info: Phone: (718) 218-4523 Email: Web:


On the TPP’s threat to Internet freedom:

Forget about milk and chickens, the TPP could choke the free Internet
by Jesse Brown on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:50am

Yesterday, Heritage Minister James Moore announced that Canada has formally joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a group that is discussing a major trade agreement among us and Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S., and Vietnam. The deal is at the negotiation stage now, but all countries at the table are expected to sign in late 2013.

Much of the chatter around TPP has focused on the impact it may have on Canada’s protected dairy and poultry industries. Beyond milk and chickens, TPP has other big implications. Among them are potentially disastrous new rules for the enforcement of intellectual property on the Internet.

Read more.

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