Rightist bloggers see a ROMNEY LANDSLIDE!

Rightbloggers Anticipate Romney Landslide, Denounce Nate Silver, Katy Perry
By Roy Edroso Sun., Nov. 4 2012 at 9:28 PM

The election’s Tuesday, and the whole political blogosphere is one endless screaming rah-rah for one candidate or another. We advise against all direct contact with it from now till next weekend.

The preemptive victory dances of the left blogosphere are, as we never tire of paraphrasing Jed Leland, no concern of this department. But we can offer you some welder’s glass through which you may safely view the rightbloggers’ state of dudgeon in these last, horrible days of this wretched campaign.

Most rightbloggers seemed to grasp that no final case for Romney they could make would reach undecided voters, and spent their lung power pumping up hopes of a Republican win.

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