Problems voting in NYC? Call now!

From: Barbara Ruether
Date: November 6, 2012 10:27:39 PM EST
To: Mark Crispin Miller
Subject: Problems with NYC voting – I just found on Daily Kos blog to share w ith you.

If you are aware of any voting problem in NY State, call us–we can help

We are the New York Democratic Lawyers Council and we are the main voter protection project in NY State.

We have poll watchers observing voting across the entire state, and they call in to our boiler room if they are aware of any voting problems of any kind, such as broken voting machines, intimidation, improper challenges, voters not appearing in the voting records, etc.

If you are aware of any problem to report, particularly if you are not permitted to vote on a machine, call us at:


We will talk you through it and take any necessary corrective action, including, if necessary, contacting the Board of Elections or having a lawyer intervene.

So go vote, and let us know of any problems.


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