Obama won, but America’s voting system is still broken

If Democrats care more about their party than democracy itself, they’re no less a problem than the Rove Republicans.


Romney may have lost, but the voting system is still broken
by Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis
November 20, 2012

Two weeks have passed since the night of the Rove meltdown and Romney’s electoral loss. Like the days after a major sports championship, everybody has an opinion on two things: why victory was achieved this time and how victory can be achieved the next time. However, political reality is quite different than sports. Democracy is more than a game. And if our current democracy is a game, the people lost in 2012.

America is at best a minimal democracy. It functionally has two parties, one more than a dictatorship. It allegedly grants one person one vote each election, although this is not constitutionally guaranteed. Our elections fail to meet even minimal standards by allowing the racist suppression of votes that we thought was outlawed in 1965. What this election has made clear is that more than a small minority seek to erase 140 years of struggle from Andrew Jackson to Lyndon Johnson to secure and defend these most basic tenets of democracy: the right to vote.

Here at the Columbus Free Press, we believe there was an attempted Election Day coup. We believe but cannot yet prove that Karl Rove was far from being delusional when he expected to win Ohio. He thought the fix was in. We assert, and can and will prove that there was a criminal conspiracy that violated civil rights laws to deprive certain segments of the Ohio citizenry of their franchise based on race. We can and will hold those responsible for these crimes against democracy and humanity accountable within the limits of our power. We believe that Ohio Secretary of State is a criminal and an objective racist for his attacks on minority voting rights.

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