Now you hear it, now you don’t! Portland’s one progressive talk station disappears into Fox Sports…

BREAKING: Portland’s Progressive Talk Station, Clear Channel-owned KPOJ, Flipped to Fox Sports as of Tonight
More progressive talk pushed off OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES and, again, in one of the nation’s most progressive cities…

(UPDATE: As of 6:00pm PT, the KPOJ website is now “Fox Sports AM 620 Portland”.)

This is horrible. Clear Channel-owned 620 AM KPOJ in Portland, one of the most progressive cities in one of the most progressive states, has flipped its ├Ânly commercial progressive talk radio station from news/talk to Fox Sports as of tonight at 5:30pm local time.

Portland will still have several other Rightwing talk radio stations, and they already have two sports stations, but the Bain Capital-owned media conglomerate is now killing yet another progressive voice from our publicly-owned airwaves.


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