Many voters disenfranchised on Upper East Side

From a friend:

Date: November 6, 2012 5:24:14 PM EST
To: Mark Crispin Miller
Subject: UES polling problems with voter rolls at 78th / York Ave

At 3pm at the York Ave/78th poll I saw a remarkable number of people who were told they were not on the lists even though they said they had been voting at this poll for years. They were being told they would have to do an affidavit ballot, and when I asked the official person was she seeing a lot of these cases she said yes! I asked if any of the officials had called to complain and register this problem, and she said — I guess apropos of complaining — They (i.e. voters) are all blaming me but I’m going to have to write all these in (referencing the affidavit ballots).

There was a large stack placed next to her. And if the affidavit ballots are in significant numbers, and they require being logged by harried poll workers . . . I did not leave with tremendous confidence they would be counted.

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