LAST CHANCE to stop construction of the Spectra pipeline!

Talk about getting it from all sides!

Today in New York, we are being hit with a lot of bad news. In addition to unhappy announcements out of Governor Cuomo’s office, we’ve gotten word that a crucial piece of construction on the Spectra pipeline will happen this weekend that would render the project effectively complete.


We’re doing a call-in campaign starting NOW and a rally at the site on Saturday at 1pm

How is it that construction is being finalized this weekend when the court case against it won’t even happen until December 18th? Because that’s the way FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) operates. Spectra was given permission to start construction despite the fact that we have a state-level lawsuit pending. Despite the fact that multiple environmental groups called for a rehearing of their decision. Despite the fact that a federal-level lawsuit won’t even begin for another 3 weeks. Despite the fact that thousands of citizens have expressed their opposition via comments to FERC, letters to multiple representatives of state, federal and local government. Despite nearly continous actions and protests at the site that have resulted in 8 arrests.

FERC is an agency funded by the industry it is supposed to regulate, and its mandate is to expedite energy projects no matter the degree of public opposition. As one of our favorite rabble rousers has famously said, “What we have here is a democracy problem.”

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