Karl Rove’s “empire” is all set to work its old black magic on Nov. 6

Rove Vote-Switching ‘Empire’ Alleged to Threaten Nov. 6 Results
By Andrew Kreig

A well-funded alliance of Rove-linked Republican companies linked also to the Bush and Romney families is poised to repeat previous successes in decisive election-machine vote manipulation on Nov. 6.

That is the claim of Ohio attorney Clifford Arnebeck, below, and several other attorney and author activists who for years have been protesting voting machine electronic software as impossible to secure. They have announced a financial chart of a Rove “empire” to bolster their argument that authorities should prevent so-called “emergency” measures to assist Internet-enabled voting. “I feel for the Hurricane Sandy victims,” electronic voting critic Jill Simpson told me in a phone interview on Nov. 4, “but it’s very dangerous to the entire voting process to encourage Internet voting, as New Jersey’s governor has suggested.”

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post reported massive frustration by early voters in Florida and Ohio, the two biggest swing state for the presidential race and each run by Republican governors suspected of trying to suppress votes in Democratic areas so that Republican Mitt Romney will win their state’s electoral votes.

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