John Kerry must speak out against the “creeping tide” of election fraud in the US!

From Barbara Orlando:

Dear Senator Kerry,

Your “Been Here Before” fund-raising e-mail today via Emily’s List prompts me to respond with a far different thought.

Yes, you have been here before, and more dramatically than most Americans realize. If you would acknowledge now that Ohio WAS stolen from you in the late hours of the 2004 Presidential election, as I believe you did privately back then, think what an impact this could have!

Until the past couple of weeks, election fraud by the GOP -notably via the manipulation of electronic voting machines in the hands of GOP-leaning companies or front organizations – has been an untouchable topic for most of our media. Now, finally, that is beginning to change, as more such solid evidence is appearing and gaining acceptance among respected editors and journalists.

If you can finally admit, or even hint at what went on in Ohio in 2004, wouldn’t it be harder for them to again “wrestle this election away from us”?

I raise this delicate issue as a concerned citizen with enormous respect for you, and a deep appreciation of your service to our country. These are among the reasons I also believe that you are in a unique position to possibly help expose a creeping tide of manipulated election processes that is becoming increasingly clear to those willing to see it. This issue was huge for you in 2004, and somehow now feels even more critical, with not only a Presidency but our country’s democratic future hanging in the balance. This, too, cannot wait.

With thanks, I ask for your concern and response at this historic moment.

Sincerely yours,
Barbara Orlando
New York City

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