Fear not! The Democrats—as usual—have lots of lawyers on the case!

Campaigns Brace to Sue for Votes in Crucial States
Saturday, 03 November 2012 09:08By Ethan Bronner, The New York Times News Service | Report

Cleveland – Thousands of lawyers from both presidential campaigns will enter polling places next Tuesday with one central goal: tracking their opponents and, if need be, initiating legal action. It will be a kind of Spy vs. Spy.

The lawyers will note how poll workers behave, where voters are directed, if intimidation appears to be occurring, whether lines are long. And they will report up a chain of command where decisions over court action will be made at headquarters in Chicago and Boston.

This will go on in every battleground state — including Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, even Pennsylvania — but it will be most focused in Ohio and especially in Greater Cleveland, which is heavily Democratic and where many people believe history teaches a simple lesson: the more votes cast here, the likelier President Obama is to win.

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2 replies on “Fear not! The Democrats—as usual—have lots of lawyers on the case!”

Kerry had a bunch of lawyers too — and even money in his warchest to fight the stolen election of 2004.

He stood down and called off his hounds. Without conviction and courage, the number of lawyers doesn’t mean a thing.

That’s for sure.

Kerry had quite a war-chest—$7 million. That could have done an awful
lot to help dig up the truth about Ohio and that whole election.

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