Disappointed on Election Day, Walker wants to wipe out same-day registration in Wisconsin

Scott Walker is at it again.

After 2 court judges shot down his repressive Voter ID law as “unconstitutional,” Walker had to sit back and watch as millions of voters exercised their fundamental right to vote on November 6th.

And on Election Day, the people of Wisconsin did not vote to Scott’s liking.

Now Walker is digging deeper into his bag of dirty tricks. Speaking recently at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, Walker told a right-wing forum that it would be “much better” if same-day registration was eliminated in Wisconsin.

Tell Walker it would be “much better” if he kept his hands off our right to vote!

Hiding behind false claims of rampant voter fraud, Walker and his allies have been relentless in pursuing their dream of suppressing the vote with unnecessary roadblocks and restrictions. If he really believed in the virtues of democracy, he would be making it easier to vote, not harder.

Tell Scott Walker that we will not stand for any more of his voter suppression schemes. Tell him to keep same-day voter registration on the books in Wisconsin!

Click here to send a message to Scott Walker.

-Your Friends at United Wisconsin

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