Councilman Says There is a ‘Complete Breakdown’ With Voting in Flatbush

Councilman Says There is a ‘Complete Breakdown’ With Voting in Flatbush
By Hunter Walker 3:42pm

Reports of chaotic situations at the polls around New York City this
Election Day are mounting. The areas on the southwestern tip of
Brooklyn that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy have experienced issues,
but we’re also hearing about problems in neighborhoods that weren’t
heavily impacted by the storm including Flatbush, Park Slope and parts
of Manhattan. Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, who has been
touring the polling sites in the East Flatbush and Flatbush portions
of his district described the situation as “complete disorganization”
and had harsh words for the city Board of Elections. He also suggested
the federal or city government may need to take action against the BOE
to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

“I think on a non-Sandy day they have problems doing a good election,”
Mr. Williams said of the BOE. “Combine that with Sandy and they’re
completely unorganized. They’ve had four years to plan this. Their
only job is to plan elections and they can’t get it right. And you
should have conditional plans, you should have backup plans, you
should have contingency plans. Where are those plans? This is getting
worse and worse.”

Mr. Williams visited three schools and a church in Flatbush and East
Flatbush. He said all of the sites had incredibly long lines and
overall disorganization that he called a “complete breakdown.” When
asked about the issues that contributed to the problems at the polls,
Mr. Williams fired off a long laundry list of problems.

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