We won’t be self-governing until WE count the votes!

From Mimi Kennedy:

Harper’s November issue—not online yet, but delivered to our house this week—has an absolutely thrilling, definitive article, by Victoria Collier, on electronic vote-rigging: “How to Rig An Election.” It’s the lead article featured on the cover. I devoured it, and can happily say: the news is OUT that we’ve been trying to tell denial-ridden skeptics for YEARS!

I know other articles have appeared elsewhere, including in the NY Times and Rolling Stone. But Collier’s is the first I’ve seen that covers the breadth and depth of the problem as we activists know it—that private, computerized vote-counting since HAVA is completey inadauditable, and has made election-rigging laughably easy for anyone with the access. And that four GOP-friendly voting companies–with more felons involved on their employment rolls than can VOTE in many states!–have the access. And that our inexplicably, treacherously clueless political parties and elected officials have navel-gazed while it happened. They look up only during campaigns, coming to voters to demand money and votes, then betraying us utterly by letting it all go to waste when an election–many elections!–are stolen with impunity.

America is gaining clarity on this. We will not be self-governing again until WE count the votes. Our anonymous ballots must be cast in private – but they must be COUNTED IN PUBLIC. That means–sorry–not inside a computer. But I DO have a technology-friendly election idea:VIDEO CAMS to track ballot custody while in the hands of elections officials! Including absentee ballots! CAMS to follow those precious ballot batches wherever they go, and CAMS on the people who will, once again, count them. Streamed to the web and local cable access, til the counting’s done!

Brava Victoria Collier, and check out her article, everyone.


Mimi Kennedy

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