Save the Village was a success!

:: The show was a success! Thank you to everyone who came out to Save the Village!! ::

We had amazing performances from John Zorn and Thurston Moore, Janine Nichols, David Amram, John Kelly, Jesse Harris, Gary Lucas, Mycale, Red Baraat, TriBeCaStan, Gord Gano and more.

Special thanks to (le) Poission Rouge for hosting!

Please consider making a donation.

NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan is a group of over 400 of NYU’s own faculty members who are working together to fight NYU’s outrageous multi-billion-dollar expansion in Greenwich Village. The Sexton Plan, we believe, is financially reckless (and will certainly result in rising tuition at a school where the students are the most heavily indebted in nation), disregards faculty input and governance, will further erode the rich cultural history of the Village, and will bring more than 10,000 more people in foot traffic per day to an already over-developed area with little green space, amongst other harmful effects. We urge NYU’s administration to focus on education, not real estate. Visit for more detailed information.

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