The US media just made it easier to steal US elections

America’s Media Just Made Vote-Rigging Easier
Friday, 19 October 2012 10:15 By Victoria Collier, Truthout | News Analysis

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The news that America’s mainstream media has cancelled exit polling in 19 states, means that insider election theft this November is now even harder to track, and therefore easier to get away with – something that scarcely seemed possible.

As I’ve written in the November issue of Harper’s Magazine (“How to Rig an Election”), our voting system is already privatized, corporatized, computerized and arguably less secure than Vegas slot machines. It’s also controlled by a shadowy cartel of right-wing affiliated companies that keep merging and changing their names, perhaps – and almost certainly in the case of Diebold – to avoid association with the record of white-collar criminal charges and convictions that trail them from state to state.[1]

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