The shape of things to come: FL election software flips vote, making losers “winners”

Florida Election software Flips Vote: Losers Certified as Winners

Election officials always say “human error” is to blame, not computers. But Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher refuses to be silent about her concerns for elections including the upcoming presidential election. Bucher said: “You know the first thing that they tell you is you’re going to scare the voters,” Bucher said. “Well you know what… we’re scared too.”

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher is scared because her office discovered, and then proved, that a software error flipped vote totals between candidates, assigning losing candidate’s the vote totals of the winning candidate. See of at least two local races from March had previously been announced and certified, but had to be reversed because of the software problem.

Bucher is concerned that many problems will not be detected by the required audits, and that the presidential election could be affected. Id.

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CBS4 Investigates: Palm Beach County’s 2012 Ballot Debacle
October 9, 2012 11:31 PM

MIAMI (CBS4) – Al Paglia yearned to hear that he had won the Wellington, Florida city council election.

“It was ecstasy I had 50 people at my house at 11:00 at night it finally came across the TV screen.” Paglia recalled. “On the election website Al Paglia upsets incumbent – it was wonderful.”
The supposed win took place earlier this year in March.

Even in the world of politics – his honeymoon was shorter than anyone could have imagined. Just days after being declared the victor in a city councilman race, he got a call saying he was indeed… a loser.

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In my 2011 PDA speech which Bucher attended, I said that voting machines in Florida and all over the US were rigged. She said that was not the case in Palm Beach County and that the system was foolproof.

She challenged me to come and view the local elections to be held in July 2011 and prove it to myself. I didn’t go because my eyesight is not keen enough to see bits and bytes going on and off in the central tabulators. Even Ted Williams, RIP, would not have been able to see it. Bucher may have been thinking of my speech when she decided to do a hand recount of the ballots. The rest is history.

As a result of the recount, a few election losers became official winners. I will always believe that my speech was a factor in her decision to recount the ballots.

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