“Stop the Purple Monster” March in NYC—Saturday at 12:30!

This Saturday, October 20th @ 12:30p

March with Us to

“Stop the Purple Monster”

Join NYUFASP as we march with NYU students, faculty, alumni and members of the community to “Stop the Purple Monster.” Led by a real “purple monster,” we’ll march to protest John Sexton’s huge expansion plan, which will make student debt rise even higher while tearing down the Village we love.

Organized by All in the Red, a national group that fights for accessible debt-free education for all, the march will step off from Washington Square Park’s Garibaldi Plaza around 12:30pm, rain or shine.

The march coincides with NYU’s Alumni Day. March coordinators will make several stops as the group tours the future construction zone: they will provide information about the history of the neighborhood & the university administration’s expansion plans & will link these to issues of public space, education & student debt.

The march will last about an hour and a half and is endorsed by many groups in addition to NYUFASP: Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031, NYU Students and Alumni Against the Sexton Plan, and Save WSV Sasaki Garden Committee. In addition to our purple monster, we’ll have balloons, puppets and a marching band.

Please plan to march with us. Let’s show our determination and unity!

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