Sandy’s here to tell us what the candidates won’t say—that Planet Earth won’t take it anymore

And this story doesn’t say it, either.


MORNING LINE — October 29, 2012 at 9:45 AM EDT
‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy Becomes Campaigns’ October Surprise
By: Christina Bellantoni and Katelyn Polantz

All politics is local. Especially when swing states are in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama began his day in Orlando, Fla., but will return to the White House to monitor what’s been dubbed a monster storm. Former President Clinton will attend the planned rally in the Sunshine State instead, but expect the campaigns to push their activities west into the Rust Belt for the rest of the week as the East Coast braces for, endures and cleans up after the hurricane.

Over the weekend Mitt Romney scrapped his planned events in Virginia.

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