“NYU’s okay with union-buster sending thugs to threaten students”

Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 10:55 AM PDT
This week in the War on Workers: NYU okay with union-buster sending thugs to threaten students
by Laura ClawsonFollow for Daily Kos Labor

Last month, a rally by New York University students supporting workers at nursing homes owned by NYU Law School trustee and major donor Daniel Straus was met by an aggressive counter-protest of people obviously paid to be there (they claimed to be nursing home workers but didn’t know where they worked, among other things) who threatened students and yelled homophobic slurs while holding signs saying things like “Daniel Straus cares.”

It was reasonable to assume that Straus had hired these goons, but it seemed unlikely it could be proven. Except that it has been, and a Straus spokesperson has admitted that CareOne and HealthBridge, Straus’s nursing homes, did hire “security.”

Hiring thugs to insult, intimidate, and threaten college students rallying outside an event at their own school is about what you’d expect of Straus, whose nursing home chains have been hit with repeated National Labor Relations Board charges due to a pattern of illegal behavior against workers. But you’d think NYU might care that its students were being threatened by people hired by one of its law school’s trustees. Not really, though.

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