More voting problems in PA

PA Governor Extends Deadline for Absentee Voting In Wake of Sandy…Sort Of…

Post office ‘glitch’ rejecting absentee ballots in Philadelphia

Inaccurate radio ads saying Photo ID needed to vote still running…

This item is less reassuring than it appears at first, once one pays attention to the details. While PA’s Republican Governor Tom Corbett has extended the deadline for showing up in person to deliver absentee ballots in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the mail in deadline has not been extended.

Moreover, due to a “glitch”, apparently, it’s also being reported that the Post Service is rejecting absentee ballots sent to Philadelphia City Hall.

To make matters still worse, inaccurate Photo ID commercials are still running on the airwaves, and power outages could keep people from voting at all on the 100% unverifiable electronic systems that voters are forced to use on Election Day in most of the stateā€¦


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