Kerry thinks he “lost” because they didn’t “get out the vote” in ’04?

If Kerry really wants to make sure that the Republicans don’t “wrestle this election [too] away from us,” he’ll finally tell the people that he doesn’t think Bush really won—and so prepare them to fight back if/when there’s yet another “upset victory” by the right.


From: “John Kerry” <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 08:13:34 -0600
Subject: Been here before


Polls deadlocked. Republicans blitzing the airwaves. A shrinking gender gap.

Folks, I’ve been here before — and I know something about razor thin margins that decide elections.

Make no mistake: If we don’t go all in over the next 6 days, Republicans could again wrestle this election away from us — along with everything we’ve achieved, from equal pay to access to health care for women.

This is how we stop them — by electing the Democratic women ready to defend the progress we’ve made. And that’s where you come in. EMILY’s List is counting on your help to do what they do best — fill polling places with the women voters who’ll put Democrats over the top.

Rush a contribution to EMILY’s List right now, so they can turn out the women voters who will elect our Democratic women and secure a second term for President Obama.

The polling is clear: if women don’t vote, Democrats lose. That means no Tammy Baldwin or Shelley Berkley blocking the GOP’s War on Women. Instead we’ll have a Senate packed with Republicans who will rubber-stamp the Romney-Ryan agenda.

If we get behind EMILY’s List right now, we can win this thing. Electing women candidates and turning out women voters is their specialty. I only have to glance around the Senate at my terrific Democratic women colleagues to see what they can do. Please join me in making sure they have the funds to do it — give now.

Help EMILY’s List mobilize women voters and elect the amazing women leaders who will keep our country moving forward — rush your contribution now.

I don’t need any reminders of how low the GOP will go to win. I’m counting on you to make sure they don’t. Not this time. Stand with me and with EMILY’s List today.

Thanks so much,

Senator John Kerry

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