“I know I won the election,” John Kerry told journalist Dick Russell in ’08

From Dick Russell:

In 2008, I was at a fundraiser for Al Franken at the home of Abby Rockefeller, where Senator Kerry was to introduce the then-candidate.

Shortly before that happened, I found Kerry briefly alone and he seemed to recognize me from a few discussions in the past on ocean-related environmental issues. So I decided to bring up an article I’d worked on with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., published almost two years earlier in Rolling Stone, concerning the likely use of electronic voting machines to steal the ’04 presidential election for Kerry’s opponent, George W. Bush.

Had he read the article? I asked Kerry. At first he seemed taken aback by my question and shook his head no. Then Kerry said, “Yes, I did read that article! I know I won the election. But by the time my lawyers could come up with a smoking gun in Ohio, it was too late.”

That was the sum of our discussion, as he went on to introduce Franken to the people present. I wrote down what Kerry said right away in a little notebook that I always keep in my pocket.


One thought on ““I know I won the election,” John Kerry told journalist Dick Russell in ’08”

  1. There’s ample evidence that John Kerry is right. And it might happen again. Why is there no outrage at Tagg Romney owning voting machines in Ohio? In what kind of banana republic is this allowed?

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